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What we want you to do.
  1.  Clear Valuables.

  2.  Move Furniture.

  3.  Remove and disconnect T.V's / Stereo's.

  4.  Make sure pet's and children are out of harm's way.

  5.  Take down Curtain's and Net's. 

  6.  Remove wall pictures / Clock's / Nail's and Hook's.

  7.  Take down expensive light's / Lampshade's /Wall light's. 

How you can cut your cost's.
  1. ​​ Remove and strip any wallpaper and lining paper.
  2.  P.V.A  wall's that are ready for plastering.
  3.  Remove radiators.
  4.  Pick up your own material's.
  5.  Remove any arcatrave if nesersary.

Solid Plastering.
Wet plastering is the traditional method for plastering, and make no mistake, it is a difficult technique to master. A professional plasterer may well cost what you think is a lot of money, however an amateur attempting to plaster will probably run into a lot of difficulty, especially when trying to achieve a smooth flat surface with no bulges or deviations. The key to good plastering is to divide the wall into manageable areas and tackle them one section at a time. The area should be well prepared, including make sure the area to be plastered is clean, and primed with the appropriate bonding agent if necessary.

To ensure that the plaster stays level use screeds. These are either wooded battens nailed to the wall, or for more advanced plasterers, bands of undercoat plaster applied to the required thickness. If you use wooden screeds then they should be removed after plastering

  •  Health n Safety.

  • When you attempt to prep a room always remember safety 1st.  Ensure you wear Gloves / Goggles / Dust mask​    and safe footwear (if possible, steal toe cap boots).

  •  A work place is not a safe place for children and babies, so keeping them seperated from working area's is very important.

  •  Keep animals away from the work area.

  •  We cant be held responsible for any items damaged when being moved.

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